Polish Class Registration 2016-17 School Year.

The time has come for another school year at I.J. Paderewski Polish Language School. The Start of School Yearpaperwork has been completed and the first day of classes is officially scheduled for Saturday, September 17th. 


At this time registration forms are live on the school website (http://paderewskischool.com/enrollment-form.html). By doing them online things will be easier to prepare and easier to keep organized. Therefore, please fill out the forms for yourselves or your children that will be enrolled in classes. These are very basic and should be easy to follow but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Tuition payment information and enrollment confirmations will be sent to you shortly after you complete the forms, but as in years past you will be able to pay for school during the first session that you attend (no online payments accepted at this time).

For Information Contact:

Grazyna Buczek


I.J. Paderewski Polish Language School