Pipe Organ Restoration Fund

If your sweet tooth is crying for chocolate, see Donna on Sunday or Karen and Judy on Saturday evening in the back of the church and buy some Malley's candy bars. Price depends on the number you purchase. These bars are freshly delivered every four weeks from Malley's and they are sold out before the next shipment arrives. Remember that your desire for chocolate is helping to pay for the organ restoration

September brings several feasts of Our Lady. The next raffle will take place in September with the prize being a lovely bas relief framed Madonna and Child. Spend your money in August buying some baby food for the "Baby Shower" collection for the Ozanam Center at Holy Name Church. In September, buy those organ raffle tickets to complete funding the organ restoration.

                    We are almost at the $250,000 organ fund goal. As of this posting, one last item had to be repaired, the pipes that you see when you look up at the organ on the choir loft. This item had been forgotten when the original contract was drawn up since usually those pipes are just for show. Since they are pipes that actually sound $5000 is still needed for the completion of the project.

David Krakowski will give a thorough accounting in November.

Organ Pipes