Pipe Organ Restoration Fund

The restoration fund appeal is in full swing.  

 If your sweet tooth is crying for chocolate, see Donna on Sunday or Karen and Judy on Saturday evening in the back of the church and buy some Malley's candy bars. Price depends on the number you purchase. These bars are freshly delivered every four weeks from Malley's and they are sold out before the next shipment arrives. Remember that your desire for chocolate is helping to pay for the organ restoration

Some cookbooks are still available at the back of the church after weekend Masses or by calling the rectory at 216-341-9091. 

Your favorite weather forecaster encourages you to adopt the cute puppy or kitten they show on television. These organ pipes need some tender care to sound pitch perfect. Adopt an organ pipe for $50.

Other surprises are coming in the near future. Your donations are always welcome.

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